Alternative Media

Paper Tiger Television- Alternative Media Television Producers. Producers of many Great Documentaries including the collaborative effort of "ShowDown in Seattle."  Deep Dish Television- The first non-profit organization to provide the world with alternative media via satellite. 

IndyMedia- Find out about the most progressive movements of the time through this center. 

IMF live streaming video can be seen here. & also streaming video of the video ShowDown in Seattle on the WTO peaceful American protesters who were beaten by the police in 1998. 

Joel Kovel is a former US Presidential Candidate of the year 2000 elections and professor at Bard University and DeeDee's Husband. A retired Psychiatrist for over 25 years, he dedicates his life to bringing social conciousness to environmental hazards caused by irresponsible capitalist practices. Joel ran against Ralph Nader backed by the Green Party and is currently on Tour signing his new book called THE ENEMY OF NATURE. Please visit his web site and buy his new book! 

San Diego Independent Media Center
I was one of the co-founders of the San Diego Independent Media Center. You should definitely learn more about this center. Its the mechanism that will revolutionize how we understand news information as world citizens.  The website promotes democracy in the media, there is no censorhip, no editors, no boundaries, just conversations on today's politics and news events

Interview with DeeDee Halleck
by Jakob Weingartner




BINACOM Binational Communications Conference, where students from UABC Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali, Hermosillo Meet or "se Encuentran" with students from Southwestern College (Chulavista), City Community College (San Diego), San Diego State University, University of San Diego, and University of California, San Diego Communication Majors or Visual Arts Majors present their documentaries, or student work, or art for all students to browse, and analyze

Papoleto's on his Way to the island of Vieques to protest. Papoleto is my Friend  He's a Great Poet and Puerto Rican activist who lives in New York City. 

Papoleto is a Nuyorican Poet. He is a Published Poet who can be heard frequently at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe New York City.