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Video Activism

®TMark Spectacle disturbance ideas for corporate culture.

Big Noise Films Makers of Zapatista, also created segments for Showdown in Seattle.

Breaking Free Animal rights & ecoaction video magazine.

Cascadia Media Collective Produces Cascadia Alive! in Eugene, OR, a community tv program on radical politics, patriarchy, police brutality and resistance to environmental destruction and deforestation

Chiapas Media Project Camera training, production, webcasting - on-site in Chiapas.

Cold Mountains Cold Rivers Video producers covering the largest roadless wilderness areas in the lower 48. Recently produced "Buffalo Nations."

Deepdish tv National satellite network programmed on more than 300 cable stations across the USA.

Democracy University Videos of Progressive Events.

The DIRECT ACTION HEADLINE NEWS is an all volunteer, monthly television news service of the Direct Action Media Network,and is distributed on the Internet, Cable TV, and via Satellite in cooperation with Free Speech TV.

The Empowerment Project Early supporters of indy video work. Excellent, award-winning videos on U.S. military - media control

Flying Focus Video Collective Video activists of Portland, Oregon.

Freespeech TV Streaming great videos on the web and broadcasting via cable access nation-wide.

Global Insights Australian producers of a video roundup of actions and issues "Global Insights", broadcasters of "access news" and facilitators of the ska tv youth training project.

Greenfire productions Accomplished video producers - forest issues.

Headwaters Action Video Collective North Coast Earth First! video activists, producers of LUNA, FIRE IN THE EYES, TREE SIT and TIMBER GAP.

I-Contact European video activists and distributors. Includes excellent how-to guide for aspiring video activists.

List of Video Groups

Labor Beat Labor Beat is a Chicago-based organization which develops and distributes progressive television, radio, videos, and computer communications on labor and social issues.

Paper Tiger tv Seminal and still very active video activists.

RadiX RadiX international lends out videos about direct action and other protest in order to inform, educate and empower people to be active themselves.

Spectacle UK-based indie video distribution.

Undercurrents Talented UK-based video activists. Ordering info for hard-hitting video magazines, Undercurrents 1-10, and the Video Activist Handbook, excellent resource for video activists.

The Video Activist Network A loose network of videographers dedicated to promoting social justice and economic sustainability with the use of video. Site contains a bulletin board, many links, videos and resources pertaining to video activism.

Videology Produced video on the growing Prison Industrial Complex. Work with Paper Tiger TV West.

Working TV Video Activists from Canada with a strong focus on labor issues. Features streaming video and inteactive web forum.

Alternative Media/Media Activism


AK Press Great online source of print, audio and video

Alternative Tentacles Early Indy label and punk producers

Artists Television Access

Blackout Books Excellent links to all kinds of indie media outlets

cat@lyst A Temporary Autonomous Zone created for the free exchange of information. Low tech grass roots net access for real people. Pedestrians, public transport and pushbikes on the information super hypeway.

Citizen Vagrom Micro media, tips & links

Corporate Watch

Fairness and Acuracy in Reporting

Direct Action Media Network

Free Radio Berkeley Original micropower broadcastors in Berkeley - workshops and info on microtransmission

Free Radio - from around the world

The Independent Media Center Independent coverage of the WTO and protest events

Insitute for Alternative Journalism

Media Alliance Training and resources for media workers and activists

The Media Channel Excellent mass media analysis

Media Island Instititue Covers key neglected issues, great resource for research and networking

National Radio Project Producers of radio content that is free, downloadable, and cutting edge

New York Free Media Alliance Blending music and video in seemless digital productions for the web. The UK-based, Cold Cut, features great beats and multisource sampling, melodically and rthymicly edited (sometimes in video formats) like the edit, "Timber," on Let Us Play. Ninjatune is an experiemental label producing lots of great music and digital media . . . Great posting on photojournalism . . . many issues, many images

Project Censored Researching media and censored stories for over a decade

Rainforest Action Network's page on media skills and funding

RegenerationTV Streaming progressive videos on the web

Ruckus Society's Media Manual

Save Pacifica Restore the great radio network to its former integritiy and help save stations like KPFA

Z NET Information center News search page by Z Magazine

Environmental and Social Justice Groups

American Lands Updates - campaigns to save wildlands that are "managed" by the USFS and the BLM

Amnesty International (USA)

Art and Revolution(SF)

April 16 in DC Shut down the International Monetary Fund on April 16 &17 in Washington DC. Also check out "50 Years is Enough," linked here.

Big Mountain Dineh Resisters of Relocation.

Biotic Baking Brigade homepage The Vanguard of the Global Pastry Uprising. Also, Whispered Media's own view of the Biotic Baking Brigade.

Coalition on Homelessness Based in San Francisco, the coalition empowers the homeless to advocate for themselves, witnesses what is occuring as gentrification plagues the city's working class and fights for the homeless in courts and legislative chambers. 1999 was a leading year in the number of evictions and homeless deaths - despite all the reporting about the "economic boom."


Cove/Mallard Coalition Big defense of the big wild (Northern Rockies).

Critical Mass Bikes are cleaner, quieter and safer . . . can't our society make room for them?


EZLN Homepage Indegenous resistance to globalization in Chiapas

Food Not Bombs

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Green Action Organizing community members - around toxics, ward valley, environmental justice

Headwaters Forest

Homeless People's Network

Industrial Workers of the World

Prison Activist Resource Center and their page on the NO on Prop. 21 movement.

Project Underground Working to help communities the world over to protect themselves from the rapaciousness of giant energy corporations.

Rainforest Action Network

The Ruckus Society Offering action training camps and lots of resources and skills trainings for activists online.

School of the Americas Watch Organizing to stop the world's deadliest training facility.

Shundahai Network Anti-nuclear activism and indegenous rights campaigns.

Tempworkers Organizing Page

Tenants' Union (S.F.) Fighting wrongful evictions and promoting affordable housing options.

Wild Rockies The grassroots activist website for the wild rockies bioregion.

Anti-Fascism, Anti- Nazism

Anti-Racist Action Links

Aryan Nations News Spokesman Review Articles in Idaho

Center for Democratic Renewal

Hate Watch

Spitfire - Distributor of Dave Emory's anti-fascist radio series

Genetix/Information and Action

A listing of 43 recent articles on genetic engineering.

A quick primer on genetic engineering.

Bioengineering Action Network (BAN) Links, research and direct action news.

GentiX Snowball U.K. crop pullers, links.

Hexterminators Superheros of the Biozoid Era.

Union of Concerned Scientists Contains hard facts about climate change, energy, transportation and biohazardous agriculture.

Monsanto's page Opposition research

Economic Globalization - World Trade Organization Sites:

Adbusters' page on the WTO An interesting page that raises key questions.

Chemical Cops People often ask about the nature of the "tear gas" and other chemical weapons used by modern american police against nonviolent protestors. This posting by In These Times is very informative.

Corporate Watch's page on the WTO A great posting, awsome graphics, clear arrangement of links and articles.

The Direct Action Network (DAN) The Direct Action Network was created in Seattle as an unprecedented collaboration of activists and organizing groups, with one shared desire - to actually SHUT DOWN THE WTO! Skilled banner hangers joined with youth groups, labor organizers and many others to form lockdowns and a vast human chain which surrounded the WTO's meeting place in Seattle and really prevented WTO delegates from entering their first day of meetings on November 30. This site is hosted by one of DAN's early organizing groups - Art & Revolution. It is continually being updated and it is also helping to monitor developments concerning civil rights violations in Seattle. Many groups and individuals contributed to the direct actions and massive civil disobedience that shut down the WTO, including the Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network and Project Underground This site also contains legal updates and contact information for people who were abused by authorities in Seattle

Food First Questions of food production and food distribution were very much on the table in Seattle - and have yet to be decided. The Institute for Food and Development Policy, FOOD FIRST - takes on issues of genetic engineering, overuse of pesticides, the fallacies of "high-yield" varities and explores truly sustainable and equitable options. They were very active in Seattle with their Policy Director, Anuradha Mittal, giving statements to the mainstream and alternative press and their members standing in among the human-chain that prevented delegates from entering the WTO meetings

Global ActionThis group looks unflinchingly at the real issues surrounding the top-down, centralized, eurocentric ways of treating the world that the WTO represents and makes the case for a variety of tactics when confronting unaccountable corporate power. Plus, it features a great graphic, "Greetings from Seattle." Get ready for May Day 2000

Global Arcade The "Virtual Empowerment Center": an innovative site combining entertaining shockwave video games and engaging articles to deftly illustrate issues of corporate globalization.

Global Exchange's page on the Global Economy Global Exchange put a lot of effort, early-on, into educating people about the undemocratic nature of the WTO and their intentions to weaken local environmental laws, restrict labor from organizing and to generally undermine the ability of localities the world over to determine their own future. This page on the global economy is very informative and they will continue to inform and organize around the issues economic globalization. One upcoming event is the proposed meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - set for April in Washington DC

The Independant Media Center (IMC) During the WTO ministerial meetings in Seattle, a wide range of video activists groups including: Big Noise Productions , Changing America, Headwaters Action Video Collective , Paper Tiger TV , VideoActive and Whispered Media - combined efforts to produce Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO. These programs were produced live, in Seattle, under the umbrella structure set-up by the IMC, and were broadcast via Deepdish TV's satellite to cable TV stations all around the world. The Independent Media Center was also a hub for print, audio and internet media producers to share resources and information. It was an unprecendented collaborative effort and hopes are that it can become a model for promoting better coverage of important events in the future

International Forum on Globalization (IFG) The (IFG) was among the first organizations to warn of the dangers of corporate globalization. They have been an informative resource for years now. And, in Seattle, they facilitated a teach-in that proved very successful at raising awareness about the issues of globalization. Some of their members were also able to represent suppressed views inside the WTO ministerial meetings. Cassettes of their teach-in are available on their website

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Members of the ILWU shut down the major ports all along the West Coast on November 30. Their website continues to feature material on the WTO

National Lawyer's Guild Guild lawyers were present in Seattle and provided invaluable advice and services to protesters and onlookers. They are continuing to monitor cases involving police brutality and excessive use of chemical weapons in Seattle. Apparently, after going through several thousands of dollars worth of tear-gas and pepper-spray, the authorities in Seattle were forced to look elsewhere for more chemical agents. Who knows what they really used against the nonviolent demonstrators? Doctors who examined gas recipients in Seattle (suffering from lingering problems after their exposure to the toxins) have stated that the symptoms they detected are the same as those of patients who have been exposed to nerve gas. The ACLU is continuing to monitor the symptoms and stories that are arising out of the police's misconduct. Their page is set-up to do just that and it is also linked off of the DAN website (above) Web casts of the battle in Seattle. Realvideo and sound from the front lines. Also check out Regeneration TV , Freespeech TV , and our own home page for realvideo about the WTO

Search the MAI-NOT & MAI-INTL archives "MAI" refers to the Multilateral Agreement on Investments that the world's elite investment community was really trying to implement globally. The agreement would have gone beyond GATT and NAFTA in its ability to take away more rights from municipalities and countries and give more leverage to multinational corporations. Its measures were so far-reaching and so heinous that it met with resistance from local leaders all over the planet. The name, "MAI" has subsequently fallen out of general use. However, the agenda that the WTO was pushing for inSeattle, closely resembles the provisions that were sought under the MAI. The archive of postings on this site is very comprehensive and will give readers a solid view of what the world's investment class is really up to

Seattle WTO Organizing Site A calender, news, listserves and links continue to make this site a good hub for local and national organizing against the WTO

Tradewatch's page on Globalization Maintained by Public Citizen - this site continues to inform people on the dangers of bad trade agreements and bogus bodies like the WTO

United Steelworkers of America (USWA) Do you remember reading about the Boston Tea Party? The Steelworkers were very instrumental in helping to facilitate a huge labor presence, in Seattle, to object to the WTO's horrible record on labor issues. An excerpt from their website, "Hundreds of Steelworkers were joined by more than a thousand student protesters at the port of Seattle yesterday where they dumped mock steel I-beams into the water in a demonstration aimed at dramatizing the continuing crisis of foreign steel being dumped on the American market. Human rights, environmental and student activists joined trade union protests throughout the week in what is a growing and broad-based coalition in opposition to the unfair trade practices advanced by the World Trade Organization (WTO)."

The WTO's own homepage

Yet Another WTO homepage? you decide

Go to Washington DC in April keep the momentum going

News Scanning, Research Aids and Video Archives

BBC - great news listings to scan

Washington Post Top News & AP listings

Renegade articles archive

San Francisco Bay Guardian great articles posted

Anarchists' Info Clearinghouse

Address Directory of the World's Politicians

Major polluters in your area by zipcode

Anti-Corporate Directory

The Data Center

Using the Freedom of Information Act

Intellectual Property Issues

Odball film and video archive

TV News Archive

Community Cable Access Links

Southern Poverty Law Center Recently won a lawsuit against the Aryan Nations

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